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About Huggard

We are a Cardiff-based charity tackling homelessness and seeking to overcome the problems and barriers that force individuals to sleep rough on our streets. Our services focus around our day centre open 365 days of the year, a 22 bed hostel with additional (8 Pods and floor space for 20+ clients) emergency spaces, 14 shared houses with tenant support that accommodate 53 clients. In extreme weather conditions we also open our day centre at night to 20+ homeless and vulnerable, to provide shelter for people who would otherwise be forced to sleep rough. This is all underpinned by personal and tenant support, development, advocacy, training and many volunteering and work-focussed opportunities.

Sumo’s Flats Relationship

Sumo flats strive to support the great work undertaken by Huggard a Non-profit organization in Cardiff.
In the last few years with the support of care workers and bond certificates we have been able to house 8 gentlemen in our properties, giving some of these guys the first opportunity for many years to move from hostels to self-contained accommodation.
We have experienced a fantastic success story where one of the guys was able to secure full time employment of his choice, that he had never been able to apply for, whilst having no fixed abode.
We actively encourage you to click on the link below and see the great work they undertake.

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About Boomerang

Helping real people with everyday real problems what others take so easy for granted.

Boomerang Mission – #GIVING SOMETHING BACK

We are a local based charity where families can apply to receive help via our panel of independent ambassadors totally confidentially.
This being in the form, help with school transport, help with school dinner payments, help buying clothing / shoes/ trainers, maybe a well-deserved family meal out, a day trip for the family, a rest bite breaks for young PEOPLE CARING FOR PEOPLE, a game of bingo for elderly residents who can’t afford to go out, a safe place where kids getting bullied can meet and parents can get involved.

Guidance and help with gambling problems or alcohol/drug addiction, community fun days (grants have stopped) as we all know.
Most charities out there you can only apply for help if you have an illness but what about our everyday British families who are literally living on the breadline and could really do with that little extra help now and then or even just a break from normal bills.
Well GIVING SOMETHING BACK will be a charity where its run by the people for the people and if you apply for help via the charity all we ask is that you help an elderly neighbour, walk a dog from a local dog home, cook a meal for a busy working family who can’t afford to get the professionals in maybe help out at one of our many family fun days.
I have nothing but my work, passion, strive, determination and family, but hey we are all here for a good time not a long time so let’s help each other alike and get back the community spirit that our parents use to have when they were raising us.

Sumo’s Flats Relationship

We were fortunate to meet Paul Gwilym the project originator when his company supplied wedding planning services for us.
Paul has a tireless energy in trying to support those in need.
Please visit Paul’s Facebook page and support in any way you can.

Non-profit organisation · Charitable organisation · Community organisation in Cardiff.

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